WPAS Siren Control


The WPAS satisfies the requirement for Mass Notification, Alerting and Public Address and Siren Systems in smaller communities, university and sports campus, buildings and malls, camping sites, training facilities and many other applications.

The WPAS units located throughout the area to be covered are controlled by WSB radio base station or RS-485 data circuits connected to the DT-11 Operating Console.

The WPAS can be used for single stand-alone installations and in larger wide area networks. Siren warning signals and live voice messages can be addressed to the total system, selected groups or individual WPAS.

A hand portable GP 380 VHF or UHF radio transceiver can also be used to remotely control a WPAS system.

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  • Economic to supply with low maintenance cost.
  • Easy to install.
  • The WPAS control enclosure is dust and water proof to IP66. 60X50X20cm.
  • 19 Inch Rack mounting available.
  • Super efficient high power class D audio amplifier 375Watt.
  • Up to two (2) amplifiers can be installed that can power up to six (6) horns for long range coverage.
  • 106db @ 30m with 2 horn speakers up to 115db @ 30m with a 6 horn speaker.
  • Cast Aluminum Loudspeaker array, with intrinsic lightning protection.
  • Resistant to industrial and atmospheric corrosion.
  • 230VAC 50Hz supply voltage. (110VAC 60Hz available)
  • Standby operation can be provided by 4X12V/18AH batteries and battery chargers.
  • Five isolated Control Inputs to activate 4 alerting signals and P.A.
  • Integrated N/O or N/C relay contacts which are activated while an alarm signal or live audio is activated.
  • Integrated auxiliary 600 Ohm balanced isolated audio line output for connection with existing P.A systems.
  • RS485 Data Port and 600 Ohm balanced isolated audio line input for connection to a remote control operating panel DT-11.
  • DT-11 operating panel is available for desktop or wall mounting
  • One-way remote control by portable FM narrow band radio VHF (136-174MHz) or UHF (400-470MHz) and license free bands.


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