Power Pack Value

//Power Pack Value

Power Pack Value


These units can be attractive to:


  • Emergency Rescue Units to support operations with spoken messages.
  • Civil Defense Mobile operations
  • Anti—Terrorist reaction units.
  • Quarries and Open Cast Mines where Blasting Warning is required
  • Railway maintenance crews.
  • Many other outdoor man portable mass notification and warning applications


The Power Pack is available in two versions.


  • Power Pack PLUS
  • Power Pack VALUE

Both types may be connected to standard CS Horn or lighter weight fiber-glass speakers.





The Power Pack VALUE offers the same flexible man portable siren at a lower cost, the same robust enclosure and the same power supply.


  • The control provides up to four (4) programmable warning signals.
  • Two controllable latched relay outputs.
  • Four digital activation inputs (Three connected to buttons on the enclosure).
  • Direct live voice (PA) from a microphone of audio source.
  • Two monitor outputs (fault indications)
    • Battery low
    • Amplifier OK/Fail
  • Class D Amplifiers. One or Two may be installed to power up to 6 horn drivers (115dB Omni directional sound radiation)
  • Fully weatherproof MIL-STAND Connectors for speakers and power supply
  • Battery enclosure integrated with charger.
  • RS-485 for connection to the DT-11 Controller
  • Can also be remotely controlled by Radio

·         Input voltage (to battery charger) 176 – 264 VAC ±10 % 50-60Hz
·         Operating voltage +48VDC from the batteries.
·         Option for AC – Full Load 48VDC Power Supply.
·         Two 120W Switching chargers are contained in the battery enclosure.
·         The Power Pack sirens are installed in two housings that are:
o   Control Unit 531mm X 192mm X 205mm   Kg    8, 6
o   Battery pack 442mm X 165mm X 155mm   Kg   19, 5
·         Operating temperature range in standard enclosure -20º C to + 60º C