Power Pack Plus Siren


These units can be attractive to:


  • Emergency Rescue Units to support operations with spoken messages.
  • Civil Defense Mobile operations
  • Anti—Terrorist reaction units.
  • Quarries and Open Cast Mines where Blasting Warning is required
  • Railway maintenance crews.
  • Many other outdoor man portable mass notification and warning applications


The Power Pack is available in two versions.


  • Power Pack PLUS
  • Power Pack VALUE

Both types may be connected to standard CS Horn or lighter weight fiber-glass speakers.

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The Power Pack PLUS is a fully configurable man portable siren with all the features of the popular CS Series installed. Field deployable – IP67 Cast Metal Enclosures for the Controller and the Power Supply.


The controller is the CS with:


  • Up to 16 user programmable warning signals.
  • Up to 239 user programmable digital voice messages (8 minutes standard)
  • Live ‘Record-Playback that allows spoken messages from a microphone to be stored and played-back, avoiding acoustical feedback.
  • Digital message recording directly from a microphone.
  • Up-load of messages from Wave File from a PC
  • Eight digital control inputs. (Three connected to buttons on the enclosure)
  • RS-485 programming and control port.
  • Auxiliary monitor and control outputs
  • Class D Amplifiers. One or Two may be installed to power up to 6 horn drivers (115dB Omni directional sound radiation)
  • Fully weatherproof MIL-STAND Connectors for speakers and power supply
  • Battery enclosure integrated with charger.
  • May be controlled and supervised by the CMC-4 Operation Panel.
  • Can also be controlled by Radio


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