Portable Controle Station

Portable Control Station is a fully configurable man portable control unit with all the features of the popular CMC Series installed. Field deployable–watertight IP 67 enclosure for the operation console, the battery and the battery charger.

Portable Control Station provides a means of operating and interrogating the sirens to which it is attached. The user has the ability to choose all the sirens under his supervision, a group of them or a single one and reproduce an alarm signal, and a voice or a prerecorded message. The user also has the ability to perform random or scheduled diagnostic control of the network and display the results. The information provided, concern the communication between the control station and the network and, the status of various systems of a siren such as battery voltages, power amplifier status, and speaker array status.

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  • 8 user programmable emergency buttons.
  • Live ‘Record-Playback that allows spoken messages from a microphone to be stored and played-back, avoiding acoustical feedback.
  • Digital message recording directly from a microphone.
  • RS485 programming and control port.
  • Fully weatherproof MIL-STD Connectors for mains.
  • LifePo4 battery integrated with battery charger.
  • VHF/UHF Radio with associated transparent modem for wireless communication with Power Pack Plus 2 or CS series sirens.


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